Ndakusvika 40…20 Lessons At 40!!

6 thoughts on “Ndakusvika 40…20 Lessons At 40!!”

  1. “you cannot expect to attract a parrot if you are a duck”. I’m dying laughing at that one, love it.

    I enjoyed reading these Tee, thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us. Bring on the flirty forties!!!


  2. Thank you for sharing! Life is short and sometimes I get carried away by the little things that happen in the day and forget that life itself is a gift. Thank you for the words of wisdom. And I’m excited for your fitness line!


    1. Thank you so much Mati! It’s so true my darling, life itself is a gift. You’re more than welcome. If you can learn a few things from me here + there geez it will save you some time in the future lol. Yeehaa for fitness line – God’s grace. Thank you. Love you xx


      1. Well done dear your story has motivated me not to give up .I wil also be turning forthy in a few years and after ready ur autobio I have been inspired a lot .Thank you so much I am not along in this journey


      2. Hi Ediline, thank you so much for reading. I’m so glad it inspired you not to give up. When I wrote it I really wanted to encourage someone out there. You are not alone, you got this girl. Enjoy as you walk towards 40 in a few years 🙌🏽💪🏽


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